Update Has Arrived

The new version of Harmfulgame is out! The grand highlight of this version are the BOTs. You no longer need to wait for partners to play with as these BOTs will fill server seats and offer great deal of challenge and fun.

Just like a human player, these BOTs roam around the map searching for enemies to kill while using the items scattered throughout the map. So don’t be surprised when you see traps laying around, a well placed grenade flying towards you, or a pack of tamed wolves charging at you.

The BOTs do attack each other (as deathmatch propose) and do suffer from the same limitation as the players. Are you smart enough to defeat the machine?

*Added Updates* (Version a0.161)

-BOTs to play with (fill slots up in servers)

-Better network code (less LAG)


What’s comming next update

Here’s a list of what is coming on the next update. Hopefully it will be out before October.

Bot:  Some people download Harmfulgame, but when they try to experience it, there is no one online to play with. We have also noticed that people are unlikely to wait for others to join. They might just log off :/ … That’s too bad for us, and besides, we want players to have fun! How to fix that? Well, we’ll add bot players to distract people while they await for human partners.

Fixes for High Latency: While its true there is no technical fix to remove actual latency from connections, it is possible to remove the “feel” of latency. Next patch will include new mechanisms that will make gameplay more comfortable even for players with high ping.




High pings, LAGs, and other connection annoyances

Now that the  game is public we are having the chance to test technical and gameplay features in a non-controlled environment.

And I am finding that the network code is not good enough. It’s LAGing too much and spoiling all the fun. It really irritates me when your trying to move but the character do not move right because in fact he is at another location… Or when you fire, the shots lag, and comes too late from another position. Missing completely the target.

I am finding these problems even on 120~200 ping server. That’s not good… Games should still run somewhat smooth at 200 ping.

But I have ideas to fix that! On the next version I will be changing all the synchronization system to one that DOES NOT LAG (or lag just a bit :3 ) ! I will ELIMINATE all those annoyances >) !

What is Harmfulgame?

Harmfulgame is a multiplayer competitive game that blends genres of action, survival, stealth and dungeon crawling into a unique gameplay experience.

The general idea of  the game is to put the player in an unknown environment, with random equipment and challenge him in use his cleverness to survive and overcome his enemies.

We wanted to create something new. So we’ve put together these uncommon features:

  • Random level layouts (procedurally generated)
  • Limited sight-hearing senses
  • Vulnerability and scarse resources
  • NPCs attacking or helping players
  • Tracking down ability by following footprints and soundwaves

These elements were combined in such a way to create a dynamic gameplay filled with surprises and unexpected situations, where intuition, strategy and smartness are more important than speed and precision, differing from most action games.

The game is much more about gameplay, experience and mechanics, so yout might want to give the game a try to get the real feeling.

Have Fun!